Join the largest and most experienced construction team in Taranaki

Clelands is an army of construction professionals, tradespeople and support staff. We are the largest and most experienced construction team in Taranaki and are proud of our people, our culture, our history, the product we create and the relationships we build.

If you would like to join the green army at Clelands and have the skills, drive and passion for what we do, apply below.



Provide value for customers

Contribute to our community


Be technical experts & problem solvers

Train, develop & invest in people


Deliver on our promises

Be fair & transparent


Encourage collaboration & teamwork

Set direction & take action


Acknowledge our history

Strengthen our future

Culture Text

Culture & Benefits

We offer our valued staff:

  • Competitive wages and benefits
  • Diverse activities and experience
  • Support from management
  • A culture of quality, safety, delivery and integrity
  • Opportunities to train and up-skill

Current Openings

No current openings.

Want To Join The Green Army?

If you are a potential apprentice with a great attitude, a hard working carpenter with good skills or a foreman able to plan, coordinate and communicate, then please, submit an application through the link below or simply get in touch

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