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    I hereby authorise Clelands Construction Limited to request verbal or written reference from my referees and / or previous employers. I also understand and accept that any references that are obtained by Clelands Construction Limited will be confidential and will be used by Clelands Construction Limited solely to evaluate my suitability for employment with Clelands Construction Limited and I will not be entitled to have access to any references obtained.

    Start with last or present employer and work backwards.

    I agree that my previous employers may be contacted as referees. However, my current employer will not be contacted without my express consent beforehand.

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    Privacy Act Statement

    In accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, the information which you supply on this Application Form is solely to assess your suitability for employment with Clelands Construction Limited and made subject to your obtaining a medical clearance that you are fit to work by completing the company's pre-employment medical examination.

    This information will be held secure in Clelands Construction Limited personnel medical files in New Plymouth and under strict rules of access, no information will be disclosed to unauthorised third parties.

    I agree to the above

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    Drivers License

    Do you hold a current New Zealand Drivers License? YesNo


    Do you have any previous criminal convictions, or awaiting the hearing of any changes? YesNo

    New Zealand

    Are you legally entitled to work in New Zealand? YesNo
    If not a NZ citizen, do you have a work permit? YesNo

    (Should you be working in New Zealand on a Work Permit and / or intending to apply for residency, the prime accountability to initiate the immigration process to remain legally entitled to work in New Zealand will remain your responsibility.)

    I certify that to the best of my knowledge the answers in this application and any information supporting the application are correct, and I understand that if any false or deliberately misleading information is given, or facts suppressed, I will not be accepted or if I am employed, my employment could be terminated at the discretion of Clelands Construction Limited.

    Please attach CV and/or cover letter

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